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#3, use your meow Coupons to obtain items at the Campground. We are very sorry to announce that the website has been closed, because aaf discount code we haven't enough time to manage it anymore. As thanks for freeing him, Wisp will grant you one wish per day. Tap compatible amiibo cards to invite specific villagers to move to your town. I have been time traveling using the camp site for 2 real life days, but cant seem to find him. As you complete initiatives, visit the CAT Machine (Coupon Allocating Terminal) to collect your meow Coupons. Converting meow Coupons to Bells, another option for spending meow Coupons is converting them to Animal Crossing: New Leafs main Bells currency. Beware here are many items exclusively obtainable through meow Coupons and you can only earn the coupons through a couple methods, unlike bells which are earned easily anywhere in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. How to Spend meow Coupons, there are three different ways to spend your hard-earned meow Coupons in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

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A Hub of Activity. Taken from the upcoming album "Cut out the Lights out September 7 worldwide! See the catalog, wisp's Wonderful Wishes, release Wisp from his magic lamp to learn how to bring characters into your town with compatible amiibo retro brand coupon code figures or cards. When inside of a chracters RV Trailer, tap the Order button on the touch screen to bring up a list of items available to order. Meow Coupons, or Mutual Exchange Of Wealth Coupons, are a new currency introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leafs Welcome amiibo update. Bild jetzt abonnieren:. Step #1, earn meow Coupons by participating in daily and weekly initiatives. Step #4, you can receive meow Coupons as special gifts, too!

This option is not available on your first day in town. Nous sommes dsols d'annoncer que le site a t ferm, car nous n'avons plus assez de temps pour le grer. Pre-order / Pre-save album.

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