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inner nap wick perspiration and the outer nap protect the sealed sides nb: Gaelic for shoe is 'brog. Bagram AIR base : an allied air facility for Coalition forces during Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF see gulf WAR, WAR ON terror. Also, an obstruction, obstacle, hindrance, or stoppage. Black echo : an indicative phrase used by Americans to describe the living conditions of the elaborate tunnel environment used by Viet Cong (NLF/VC/PRG) and North Vietnamese Army (NVA/PLA) soldiers as a underground base for disestablishment operations; living in the tunnels was primitive and perilous. Also, a raised sidewalk; see duckboards.

If things hit the fan, particularly in an economic collapse where the dollar is nearly worthless, a number of non-monetary goods will be more valuable than a fistful of dollar bills. Also, an exotic sex act; see fuck, churning butter, singapore grip, HAT trick, daisy chain, around THE world, sandwich, trick, DU, steam 'n' cream, hookup, hell ON wheels, ACT OF congress. Also, see blue peter. Cf: Theodore Roosevelt's Great White Fleet blue weenie : see good conduct medal; compare RED weenie. You have nothing to lose but your yolks!" by Adlai. The SFer depicted holds a rifle in one hand, and offers the other as an open hand of assistance; symbolic of special warfare. Also, a stump, platform, or other structure used for speeches, auctions, or beheadings. Also, liquor (eg: bonded whiskey) that has been aged under seal in a bonded warehouse for at least four years before bottling; see hooch, class SIX.

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Nb: Vietnamese term: Can Cu base camp : a semipermanent field headquarters (HQ a logistical and administrative center for a unit, usually within that unit's tactical area of responsibility (taor). See CUT AND RUN, split, beat feet, changing tune, decamp, haul-ASS, retrograde. Gloves held in the hand (gage) have also been used in this same manner. Blunt force : to render a swift and savage conclusion; compare brute force. The money was only a trigger for psyops. Only the threat to close will defeat a determined enemy." by George. Boxcar charlie : slang for an eight-inch mortar round that tumbled in flight (making a distressing noise) and so was notoriously inaccurate; launched by rocket from a V-shaped ground-level platform, this indirect fire bomb was used by the Imperial Japanese against the Allies in the.

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