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and The Yes Guy. The design and folly of Springfield Nuclear Power Plant is often rumored to be based on the troubled Trojan Nuclear Power Plant (closed in 1993 due to defects) near Matt Groening 's home town of Portland, Oregon, or the Hanford Site in southeastern Washington. Burns, he learned that the true legal owner of the plant is Canary. It is an affluent town, and is home to many wild flowers (to which Lisa is allergic). Comic Book Guy goes out of business in the episode, but somehow jumps back in the next. Comics sold there are well-loved by Bart and Milhouse's Radioactive Man, Manboy, Radiation Dude, Batboy,.

Costington's is a parody of Macy's, an American department store. " The Bohi ys of Bummer ". Springfield Community College is a community college. Among the plant's employees are Homer Simpson, Lenny Leonard, and Carl Carlson. After the Ribwich stopped selling in Springfield, Homer and a group of Ribwich fans known as the "Ribheads" followed the "Ribwich tour" as the Ribwich was tested in various markets. " Trash of the Titans ". Several tearful children watched. In addition, the robots going wild and being taken down by cameras was a reference to Westworld.