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- Badger Hair Shave Brush - The Famous Gentleman JonTM Alum Block - Sandalwood Shave Soap - Stainless Steel Shave Bowl - (5) Astra Razor Blades. Im eternally grateful and if youre ever in Lexington, first rack of ribs is on me and no red napkin needed. Slow down and see what you're missing. People get addicted to discounts.

 On top of this, quality shave products last much longer as than what you are used. So youre in, but the statistical likelihood of this customer coming back has only slightly risen. Me: Now, I just went to Instagram, right? There was a very interesting thing that Jon said, because I grew up in that environment too, and Jons from the traditional marketing world that we grew up in, and hes pulling from his world.

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It lets me send her a message. Youre grabbing somebody who has a big social media profile. Second, youre paying.65, not 40 to 60 for each customer. When I separated from the Air Force, maybe three years ago now, I watched a ton of Bar Rescue and I watched a ton of Garys content and you guys really helped me build this business. They dont get addicted to free. Me: Im looking at nine posts right now that are top posts and there are literally unlimited amounts of people posting that are from Lexington, Kentucky.

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