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who researchers how red and near infrared light influences cells. Even he was surprised by the medical-grade irradiance! An easy start is to use varying wavelength light bulbs in different parts of the house (for those with a home office). Mature skin deserves the most nutrient-dense skincare on the planet, and this Grassfed Water Buffalo Tallow makes the perfect base for revitalizing your complexion! Improving levels of testosterone can enhance mental performance. Hormone optimization by increasing testosterone levels, there will be downstream cognitive effects. References (Click to Expand) Nolen-Hoeksema, Susan (2014). The light (especially when shined on the testis) stimulates Leydig cells, which increase testosterone production. On average the inflammatory markers fell by 34, 12, and.5 times the normal amount. Here is a graph showing the spikes in CCO activation specifically in the mid-600 nm to low-to-mid-800 nm range (red and near infrared). Increased Testosterone if females enjoy the skin rejuvenating benefits of red light therapy, men will assuredly like increasing their testosterone.

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The idea is to be targeted with our light exposure as much as possible. While sunlight is invaluable for vitamin D production, there are a few things to consider. In my definition, light therapy is simply using light to create physiological changes in our system. American Journal of Psychiatry. Given the cost disparity, the Joovv light is by far the best option for getting red and near infrared light therapy. Lets Get Geeky: Red and Near Infrared Light Therapy.