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Day Workshops - 7/04 - 06/03 - Port Townsend,. Reunions with the claws and knives of old friends await The lights of the enormous 1930's style theatre beckon you to enter into a new world of illusion and fear, The Grand Theatre Experience at Jasons Woods! Glowstick Factory - factory direct glowsticks and Novelty Items, You have found the source for quality glowsticks and toys at discounted prices. Deadheads, bought out by the swedes, Ben Jerrys. Cool Stuff Cheap - discounted lava lamps, plasma balls, bubble machines, fog machines, disco balls, bubble lamps, wind chimes and more. Eventually Carla and a child named Liam disappeared. Flying Crank Ghost - this one is on a pvc stand, dc motor and the venerable wighead, by Matt Ponke. By Kat McCarthy howl - Skull fountain how to illustrated instructions by Mike Drusilla.

By Cliff Grim Reapers Grim Reaper on Pile Of Bones - illustrated instructions for turning fog-spouting life-size Reaper on stand. Commercial Color Organs - Info on 120 and battery operated color organs, plus suppliers leads. Theatre Effects - Main Page The Character Shop The Stupid Store Zero Blaster - It's a hi-tech, raygun-shaped device that shoots spectacular smoke rings Tub Tints at KidSmart - Tinting tablets for that blood filled tub effect.

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Horror-Domain - up-to-date news, over 300 reviews, a section dedicated to Indie films, exclusive interviews, biographies of all your favorite brika promo code horror directors and articles. You have to make sure your local government is going to allow you to run it, says Bates. Dare to enter the house for some old fashioned style haunted house scares. From Jerry of Horrordome. If youre up for even more thrills, the. How to Use Poly Foam - Instructions for using 2 part expanding foam.

Dean and Nancy's Halloween Page - Not much on original content, but you can find some good links here. Popup Mechanisms Pneumatic Erector - Illustrated basic parts list and instructions to make a pnuematic lifter popup mechanism. By Doug Holladay Jangling Chained Skull - illustrated instructions for building lighted motorized skull hanging from chains.