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in a consistent way but it can still get a bit confusing, especially if its not something you look out for normally. I used to be a bit of a food snob and changing from well known brands to a more basic range made me question the quality. Kayleigh's full guide to stockpiling. She knocked more than 80 off her shop (Image: Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Group) "I dont often buy branded products unless they are on offer or I have a coupon she said. Cashback apps After doing your weekly food shop and once youre back home, check your cashback apps. How supermarkets use maths against. Youll be quids in! Yellow sticker items If you visit at the right time, you may be able to unlock some huge discounts Heading for the discount aisle at the supermarket is a great way to find bargains. Well, now you're in luck!

the 30-year-old moderator for. Its amazing what can be found hiding in the back of the freezer, or behind a can of beans, and having a quick stock check means I dont buy more than I need and allow food to waste. Check out websites, magazines and food packaging.

For instance, Tesco do the best value stock cubes, while Morrisons have the cheapest tortilla wraps and Lidl sell the best value nappies. You can stockpile anything that wont go off. Kayleigh Hughes, a mum-of-three from Grantham, Lincolnshire, has revealed how she knocked 80 off her Asda food shop, feeding her family of five for just 20 - or 4 a head. It may sound a bit boring but, with preparation, I find that we spend less and only buy what we need. Poll loading How often do you go food shopping? If youre going to buy, always arrive just after it opens or just before it closes in order to bag the best bargains. And in a climate where the cost of living is only rising further, it can pay to get creative on new ways to cut costs. If youre selling, avoid labeling your items (as this can put people off bring lots of change and carrier bags and be prepared for hagglers.