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wanted us to know about XTC January 1979. June 16 Added more reviews of Upsy Daisy Assortment.

April 16 The song of the week is Season Cycle. January 3 Popdose has made their choice of the Top 10 Colin Moulding Songs. November 11 George Gimarc Found a few goofy fotos from the distant past that might amuse. Steve Perley reversed and slowed down the backwards high-speed voice found in the runout groove of 25 O'Clock following Mole From The Ministry.

August 27 Jeffrey Fariello transcribed the guitar chords to When We Get To England (from Jules Verne's Sketchbook ). This week's song, "Life Begins at the Hop was released first as a antonioli eu coupon single in the UK and included as the first track on the American release of 1979's Drums and Wires. Archived from the original on Retrieved "Volgograd Arena". Archived from the original on Retrieved "Alrosa completes line-up of European Regional Supporters of the 2018 fifa World Cup". To Venus And Back is the feature story of this week's Entertainment Today ; Wasp Star is reviewed. Do you know anything about its demise? Mack sent in a cool Nonsvch -styled advert from a 1992 issue of Alternative Press. The Vagabond Saints' Society is a loose collective of Triad-area (Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and High Point) musicians that gathers semi-regularly to pay tribute to the great and sometimes the not-so-great artists of the pop-music era. He ripped it and removed some hiss and has made it available for download. April 13 Frank Agnello has transcribed the lyrics for Colin Moulding's In Another Life from Wasp Star. November 24 eBay is always an interesting source of XTC memorabilia. Partridge Take Away / The Lure of Salvage LP, and the front cover of the box, CD 1, CD 2, CD 3, and CD 4 of the Transistor Blast box set.

January 30 Ben Gott has made his recordings of XTC's Battery Brides, Making Plans for Nigel and Andy Partridge's Everything available from his Loquacious Music website. Augie Krater presents this detail from the cover of Skylarking. April 7 The April 5, 1999, issue of Consumable Online features Interview: XTC's Andy Partridge. November 23 The official XTC web site, at, has been launched.

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