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Fox Environmental, Inc. Font'n Aire Floating decorative aerator/fountain by Air-O-Lator Corp.

2001 by CRC Press LLC rise rate See"overflow rate (OFR). Alundum Porous diffuser dome by Sanitaire Corp. Disinfectant contact time The travel time, in minutes, for water to move from the point of disinfectant application to a point where the"residual disinfectant concentration" is measured.

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Threshold limit value (TLV) The maximal allowable workplace air level for a chemical. Sump A pit or reservoir that serves to collect water or wastewater for subsequent removal from the system. Air Shuttle Wastewater aeration system by Meurer Industries, Inc. Inflammable Easily set on fire. Population (1) A group of interbreeding organisms occupying a particular space. Sometimes referred to as an"eductor" or"jet pump. Coral Calcium carbonate skeletal structures of the Anthozoa class of marine polyps often deposited in large masses forming reefs and atolls in tropical seas.