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detergents are often added to pressure washer tanks or nozzles to enhance the cleaning power of their water jets. Cables Extension cables can turn a limited electric washer into a cleaning tool that covers every inch of your patio decking. Water flow rate, literally, how quickly your pressure washer will be able to pump water through the hose and nozzle, measured on a per hour basis.

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They tend to have sprays measuring between 5-8 cm wide, and the right pressure rating to avoid damaging the paintwork, as well as special settings for things like mirrors and headlights. By contrast the bar-rated pressure is an average, and hence it's much more instructive. That weight is there for a reason: to create power and stabilise the machine. The maximum pressure is just that the highest possible amount. Motor size, a measure which gives you a good indication of the brute force created by your washer's pump, motor size is actually measured in watts, so it's not a capacity value it's a sign of how efficiently your pump turns electricity into motion. Before you do start hunting for pressure washer index fest dallas promo code offers, be sure to get a good idea of exactly what you are looking for. Hyundai Manufactured by the Korean giant's Hyundai Power Equipment arm, these devices are affordable and reliable, with petrol and diesel models for pros and pumps created by the Italian specialists Annovi Reverberi. That's a particularly important safety option if you are choosing a high-powered petrol option.

Various types of attachment are available, but all of them convert a stream of pressurised water into a more diffuse spray. Marketing Options, as a reseller, you sell in your own way. What About Pressure Washer Accessories?