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me know what you guys think. Right now I'm going through the old colonoscopy prep, so my mind and another part of my anatomy is preoccupied elsewhere. I can now unzip this pocket without unsnapping the main bino compartment. Ill be sharing all of the excitement right here (and via insta story) so be sure to follow along. Alert, edit, reply, reply With", top. Remove Alert Edit Reply Reply With" Top bowhunt (3300 posts) Jan-13-11, 02:34 PM (MST). Alaskan Guide Creations Bino Pack Review bowhunt (3300 posts jan-10-11, 08:32 AM (MST) "Alaskan Guide Creations Bino Pack Review". I hope he reads this.

Forged in the crucible of the Alaskan wilderness, the innovative binocular harness chest pack, was born from the need to survive and succeed in any outdoor endeavor, where optics are a must.
Alaska Guide Creations, Price, Utah.
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We forge the world s toughest in optics protection and deliver premier optics.
Alaska Guide Creations, pistol Holster Stock is limited for the initial launch.

I have shown it to several friends and they really like how it works. "RE: Alaskan Guide Creations Bino Pack Review" I got the pics from bucklover, Looks like a pretty good idea.

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Jarets dad and brother had themselves a great day fishing. I'm curious to see how it turned out. "RE: Alaskan Guide Creations Bino Pack Review" Rackman, You are welcome to use the review we wrote You could add it to facebook. The problem is, I dont like messing with lens caps, which just get lost and they are too time consuming. Another problem with traditional systems is that they take up valuable real estate and dont leave room for important items such as a rangefinder and puffer bottle. Alaska, guide, creations and Im taking over their Instagram for the weekend! "RE: Alaskan Guide Creations Bino Pack Review" Bowhunt thanks for the offer. Lots of miles on these feet and lots of opportunity to chase mule deer! The two-piece design allows the Holster to be used in a right or left handed fashion. We got our hands on this body worlds vital coupon pack and checked it out for a while.

If you look at the picture, the main strap starts at the bottom and goes right over the top of the smaller zippered pouch. I have had one for a few years and it is the best system I've seen. As a result, my bino eye pieces collect dust, twigs, snow or rain and when I need to use them, my view is impaired. #flashbackfriday I spy Jaret Owens and one of his hand sewn, original, Alaska, guide, creations binopacks!

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