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large enough to serve two people (well, "normal" people like me; one of our party finished his entire dish). I was to order the enchilada supreme, which I definitely recommend to anyone looking to fill the stomach. Once at our table, G ordered a poinsettia, while I had a mimosa (7.50 each). One of my biggest criteria when evaluating a restaurant (besides obv. The entrees come with a choice of two sides, and there are about ten choices to choose from, including salads, chili, potatoes, rice, and vegetables. Service was attentive and professional. By the time we finished our meal, the restaurant was at full capacity. On Tuesday, I had called to change the reservation from four to five people, but the maitre d' was unaware of this. Service was excellent." 12/09 "My wife AAB and I went here for our anniversary back in October and had a remarkable experience.

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The bar was very busy when we arrived at 6:00, but the restaurant had several open tables. The restaurant only charged us 150. I enjoyed dipping my bread in the oil remaining on my bread dish from the olives and cheese. It was better than I expected. I want stone cold fox coupon code to thank the people at Tempo for a great night." MRT, 10/05 said: "We made dinner reservations at Tempo on October 29, 2005.