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that recycling is a breeze. Our recycling center accepts these CRV recyclables for redemption: Aluminum Cans Clean Dry, plastic, glass. Through Ecologys recycling center in Fontana, a better future for the planet is possible. Recycling centers are an integral part of waste management systems, providing an environmentally sound method for disposal of CRV and scrap metal items. Ecology has been a strong supporter of recycling efforts in all the communities including the largest ones of Fontana, Ontario, and Pomona for decades and will continue to do so on into the future. We serve in Bloomington, CA and all surrounding cities.

Another typical characteristic of ferrous metals is that they are magnetic. Contamination and pollution can be greatly reduced through recycling, in part because these items dont end up in the trash, but also because fewer new materials are needed when creating new items. We love to beat competitor prices, at the moment we are paying.00 per/lb. CRV stands for California Refund Value and is backed up by a specific amount that consumers must be paid for turning in these recycling items. Plastic, glass, you scrap it we buy it! The benefits of recycling your items are: Recycling saves energy. Recycling scrap metal and CRV items is part of our responsibility to take care of our planet. Recycling these materials keeps your property and community free of waste and clutter, liberating valuable space. Although stainless steel does contain iron, it is considered non-ferrous because it is not magnetic and also contains nickel. The distinguishing characteristic of ferrous metals is that they contain iron or steel.