how to report coupon fraud

been working with brands and coupon redemption houses to send out personalized, social media enriched coupons that are difficult to abuse. But it happens all the time, and it is usually for good intentions! Highest financial penalty: 5 million, prison sentences of three to five years are not uncommon. (Ive removed the readers name and identifying details.). Unfortunately, as couponing grew in popularity, so did incidents of newspaper theft. Jail time and fines, the illegality triumphmotorcycles com discount code of coupon fraud is the primary deterrent against the practice, the current punishments are strong with a push to make the punishment even stronger.

Whenever coupon fraud gets out of control retailers and brands opt-out of running coupon campaigns. Contact the Coupon Information Corporation at (703) if you have questions or need additional information. Technology is playing a major role in fraud prevention.

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If a coupon states valid on 6oz box only then you should be purchasing that size indicated. Since coupons are distributed for free, risking prosecution for stealing newspapers is senseless. Follow the procedure established by your store. (Other processors likely do the same.) And again, each coupon contains an identifier tied specifically to your computer. Whenever a retailer accepts a fake coupon they lose money on the sale.

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