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to be excommunicated in his school, with a crowd of people standing round, as opportunity offered. The schools thus refounded did the greater part of the education of England till the eighteenth century, and one of them, Westminster, developed into what was throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, admittedly the greatest of the public schools, taking the lead even of Winchester. At Warwick about 1316 a somewhat similar contest took place which the dean and chapter of the collegiate church settled by directing that the grammar master should have the Donatists - those learning the rudiments of grammar in Donatus' Ars Minor or primer -. This seems to show that Convocation was only adopting what was perhaps already enunciated by Wolsey's legatine authority. The master forbids anyone hereafter to enter the school, unless his name has been placed on the Master's Register ( matricula ). John the Evangelist, 27th, and the boys on Holy Innocents' Day, the 28th.

We may safely fix 100 as the upward limit of a school. In 682 Biscop founded Jarrow. The merchant ( mercator ) - in English 'chapman' and 'monger' describes how he fares over sea and brings back purple and silk and gems and gold, wine and oil, and ivory, brass and tin, and sulphur and glass; no petty tradesman. But at Salisbury the Processional, even up to the sixteenth century, prescribed that, for the procession, the boys were to write on the table of the day the names of the canons to minister, the greater to be incense-bearers and book-bearers, and the lesser. 'Besides he asks, 'after you have driven the boy by flogging, what will you do with him as a young man, when you cannot hold this over him, though his tasks are more difficult?' - a question which our ancestors answered by the very simple. It is perhaps no proof of the continuance of schools in Western Europe that the Eastern capital, Constantinople, in the first quarter of the sixth century saw the composition of the chief of all Latin grammars, that of Priscian, who, as Cassiodorus says, 'was. Rashdall,., 129, 171. of Nola,.

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Grammar of, 297, 298, 301. Positively, a vow of poverty was laid down in the statutes. The date generally attributed to his college is 1447; but in point of fact he obtained the royal licence for it on 10 February, 1432 (not 1431, as given in the local history through the usual confusion of the year of the Lord and the. 2d.; and in 1385 to the master., and to each of twenty-eight boys.; while in the next year there were twenty-two boys. Nor was he the first of his tribe. Paul's, that whenever they went for a walk or to play they were to go and come back under the leadership of a grown-up person. The gild founded under licence of 1451 maintained not only a schoolmaster but a morrow mass priest,.e. He asks, referring to the proposal made by some that children of three or four years old - no one had suggested new-born babies - should be baptized, why should the age of innocence be in a hurry to get its sins remitted? Not till 669 was a bishop's see settled at Lichfield under Ceadda,. Not Scots sons of freemen ( libere condicionis ) - a striking late testimony against the notion that colleges and schools were intended for the working classes, who were still mostly villeins - 'and who have issued well learned from my Grammar School of Sedbergh.

Chipping Norton School, 267. Paul's, of the Arches, and. A quick and good handwriting, which was apt to be despised and neglected by gentlemen ( honestis should be early cultivated. So they ordered the service to be conducted with due decorum and made various provisions, some of which have been already mentioned, for cutting down the numbers and expenses and preventing crowding. Yet another rival schoolmaster appeared in Geoffrey of Sancton who kept a notoriously adulterine school in the territory of Beverley itself, and when summoned before the chapter induced the Provost to summon Master Thomas of Brumpton ( sic the rector of Beverley School, before him. The former was founded by Robert Stillington, Bishop of Bath and Wells, no doubt while he was chancellor, between 14, but the original document of foundation is non-existent, and our knowledge of it is derived from a private Act of Parliament in 1483, which recited. At Wokingham, the chantry-grammar-school. 14) what miseries he endured when obedience to teachers was set before him that he might flourish in the world and distinguish himself in eloquence and gain wealth and honours.

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