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sound that is much easier to listen to for extended periods of time. The presentation is still powerful and organic with a rich and relatively neutral sound that recreates fine nuances within music with exceptional top-of-the-line PRaT (or note attack and decay) for a realistic, accurate experience. . Page 2: ljokerls recommendations. The canal sized custom monitor has a natural sound that has plenty of extension on both ends of the spectrum, doesnt disappoint in the bass region, and provides plenty of detail. It is like stepping up from 1080P to 4K ; the difference is very apparent. The ierm is a neutral reference monitor developed for studio engineers with a relatively flat frequency response, although it is warmer and brighter than true neutral. .

Alclair Reference (399 the Reference provides a warm, yet relatively neutral presentation with good clarity and decent extension on both ends of the frequency spectrum. . Ciem table and the, iEM table.

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This 6-driver hybrid is the first custom hybrid I have seen that uses dual dynamic drivers, but that isnt why it is listed here. Full review here, lear LCM BD4.2 (1300). These tables allow filtering and sorting to find what fits you best. . Full review here, honorable Mention: Logitech Ultimate Ears In-Ear Reference Monitor (999). Center all things cellular coupon imaging isnt a strong point, but with all the other good traits, the Reference is an excellent choice for the price. Earphone buyers guide recommends sub-200 IEMs that are broken down by sound signature, which may be helpful in deciding which signature is right for you. Last update: 6/8/2015 Removed Ambient Acoustics AM4 Pro the pro version is no longer available, and I have not heard the standard version.