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the mono headset and the stereo audio to the hardwired speaker or headset at the same time. 11) Does it have proximity waypoints to go with the POI loader? . The simple answer is no although some car dealers will offer you a free DVD or occasionally there might be a promotion with the Honda store offering you a free Honda map update. This mount also must be powered to hear the speaker audio.

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16) Does it have a Security Code? You can also make calls from the zumo's points of interest database -which includes hotels, restaurants, stores, and more. . 10) Are street names pronounced? A power cable is shown attached The car mount contains a speaker in the back, an FM-Radio-Traffic jack, and a USB XM Radio jack In the bike mount is also a USB jack for an XM Radio receiver (there appears to be no provision for. Dont believe other websites which promise you a free download of the latest Honda Navigation DVD because theres only one place you can get the new refreshed maps and thats on the Honda m Online Store which is linked to in this guide. . Buy a Honda DVD Map Update Online. FM and XM Traffic Screens.